• Professional Window Cleaning: Workplace Safety

    One of the most eye-catching things about a building is its cleanliness. You can never forget how spotless the floors were and the windows clean and shining that you can see your reflection, and if it’s on a top floor, you find yourself wondering whether or not there is a window there. Spotless windows reflect […]
  • 3 Reasons to Relax and Stay Put in Your House During House Restumping

    House restumping is becoming a popular project that most homeowners are undertaking to improve their homes. Homeowners must get experienced and certified specialists to undertake the project. The restumping work varies depending on the state of the house. One must do a little homework before deciding on which company to allocate the task to. Past […]
  • Elevators are safer than stairs

    Have you ever wondered how much we know about elevators? They are large, metallic and known to plummet dramatically in movies. Maybe the latter is why they have such a weird reputation, but today I need to tell you that movies lied on that front. I know you probably won't believe me, but I'm here to tell you that elevators are safer than stairs.
  • 5 workplace activities that promote health and team cohesion

    If you’re currently searching for team-based activities that will help promote health and well being, and team cohesion in your workplace, continue reading to discover five enriching activities to integrate into your workplace culture. All of which offer a wide variety of benefits for your team members and your business.   Pilates course:   One […]
  • Asbestos Is An Ongoing Problem For Australia

    The recent studies conducted by Oncologists from Australia have shown that the county is the second after the United Kingdom to report deaths because of Mesothelioma. Mesothelioma is a unique type of cancer caused by massive exposure to asbestos. Occupational Health and Safety(OHS) plans for complete asbestos removal throughout the industry, marks a significant stride towards protecting workers from asbestos exposure.
  • How to Pressure Test Pipes Safely

    High water pressure will stress the entire system while low pressure will challenge good water flow.The key to keeping your plumbing system in good shape is to test the pressure. Using air to assess the condition of a plumbing system is a good option. Knowing how to pressure test pipes safely isn't always easy though. This system uses compressed gas which can cause pipes to explode if not done properly. It should also not be done with plumbing systems that have plastic piping installed.
  • Stay Safe at Work & Avoid Coronavirus Infections

    "Workplaces or jobs that have little to no contact with the general public or others are at a relatively low risk of exposure from the virus" is the sentiment. Do you know to follow the 4 layered protections essential for mitigating Coronavirus? Disinfecting and frequently washing your hands is a good start, says experts in the field of germs. Failing to do so will surely have a stigma associated with such actions. Read this page and get with the program.
  • Tradies Make 60% of Serious Injury Claims In Australia

    Accidents can and do happen. In the worst cases this results in serious injury or death. Apart for motor accidents the leading causes of death while working are fall/slips and trips, being struck by objects or equipment, and exposure to harmful chemicals.Things have slowed down due to the Covid-19 pandemic, but this will not be a permanent (we hope) and things will come back to normal levels. The sooner we're back at work the sooner people will be at risk of a workplace incident. Tradies constitute 30% of the total workforce across all industries but they account for 58% of serious claims.
  • Workplace Exposure Standard Halved For Australian Workplaces; Is Your Workplace Safe And Complaint?

    The laws, rules and regulations pertaining to Australian workplaces keep changing every now and then. These are done keeping in mind the overall health, safety and well-being of the employees and other stakeholders. At the same time, the rules and laws are often framed and modified from time to time in such a way that […]